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I wish them a happy life and advise the husbands to take care of their wives and do not mistreat them in any way. Ayesha Shabbir, a senior leader of the PAT, told Dawn that the party chief solemnised the marriages at the sit-in.

The couples were engaged before the sit-in of the PAT started over a month ago. Talking to the media, the couples said they were very happy after their marriages at the sit-in. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Published in Dawn, September 27th Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 26 Closed Popular Newest Oldest.

Sep 27, am. Recommend 0. This can only happen in Pakistan that at a revolution they have time to marry their participants. Qadri rightly so advised the future husbands to treat their wives nicely. Unlike him how is using women and children as human shieldscharging them to attack the parliament while he is going along in his bullet proved Car. I just can not forgive a man that tops up the price he pays to his demonstrators if they bring along infants and children.

This can not be a good beginning to a new Pakistan. The old one is not good either but lets not get trapped by some ego centric people to go from one disaster to an other. We need to bring change and that can be done with each of us we need to remain critical to the leaders be it NS or IK or for that matter any one that promises us the blue from the sky.

That many of us knew for a long time and many more will now. That is the only credit I can give to Ik and Qadri. But the magic wand is in our hand not theirs. Looks like now three newly wedded couples have their babies born their too, then go to schools, grow-up and join sit-in group with their parents. This is a never ending sit-in. Mubarak ho, Mubarak ho, Mubarak ho, 3 Khushkahbrian aaien hain!!

Well done Qadri Sahib. Desperate measures to entertain the crowed and justify their sit in. Qadri is a man of many faces remember that he exploits ,manipulates ,blackmails, and unites. Tahirul Qadri's own adult children are in Canada and he plays with the lives of others with his violent protests in Pakistan. The media should just ignore this man and his cheap publicity stunts.

What nonsense! At least something positive. Ali Gohar. Die hard followers of Qadri, we salute you for your perseverance.

Mohammed A.

Zaeem Qadri Notorious Pictures Got Leaked

Good news for three protestors who got married at the Tuq sit in on Constitution Ave. They also announced that they will stay there until the revolution takes place.Qureshi further said that the leaders of both parties must sit together and clarify things to end misunderstandings. PARIS: A place of fear, legend, inspiration and exploration, Paris's skull and bone-lined Catacombs still draw thousands of visitors each year, many of whom queue for hours to explore the ghoulish burial site.

Two major groups are in the fray for the slot of president. A one-to-one contest will be held for Secretaryship of the…. Samaa reported that the child died in the way to Mirpurkhas hospital after the local doctors advised for better treatment there.

Doctors told media that more than 90 people, including 41 children, are…. Watch video. The joint opposition members took the decision at a meeting…. According to Samaa correspondent, the fire erupted initially in one bogie and engulfed two others within no time. Two fire tenders of the city arrived at the station to control the blaze…. Watch this hilarious package in which people have used Nilofar symbolically as a woman.

A must watch. NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered bureaucrats to forgo the luxury of flying first class and start paying for their spouses' air tickets as he tries to deliver on a promise to cut the fiscal deficit to a seven-year low. NEW DELHI: China's defence ministry has expressed concern over reports that India plans to build 54 new border posts along their disputed border, long a source of tension between the two giant neighbours.

China defeated India in a brief war in and the border has remained unresolved since, despite 17 rounds of talks. Watch video of this burqa clad man to know the reason why he had dressed up like this. Sources said all ministers have presented their performance report in the session that will continue until review of all ministries and departments is complete. The performance of ministries of Petroleum…. Ryder has had numerous off-field issues involving alcohol and has not played for the Black Caps since February, when he went on….

The PM also directed all the ministers to file their performance report. The session will continue until the review of all ministries and departments is complete. The performance of ministries of petroleum and….

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Dharna is over

Toggle navigation. Read More. A one-to-one contest will be held for Secretaryship of the… Read More. Doctors told media that more than 90 people, including 41 children, are… Read More. The joint opposition members took the decision at a meeting… Read More.By Najam Sethi. When Dr Tahirul Qadri, the maverick crusader for true democracy "after delaying the elections to cleanse the system", struck Pakistan like a drone from Canada last month, pundits were quick to speculate about his "true motives" and the "hidden hand" pulling his strings.

In fact, Dr Qadri stoked the conspiracy theories by insisting that the military and judiciary were legitimate "stakeholders" in the system, and should be formally consulted on how to reform the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP and establish the caretaker administration to oversee the elections. The Supreme Court SC provided grist for the mills when, midway through Dr Qadri's Islamabad dharna, it directed the National Accountability Bureau NAB to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf for alleged corrupt practices, prompting Dr Qadri to claim that the SC's decision had resolved "half his agenda" while the rest would be sorted out later, an allusion to a possible military intervention.

Pakistani cleric Tahirul Qadri's petition for dissolution of the Election Commission has been rejected by the Supreme Court.

Now we know that the SC is not impressed by Dr Qadri's revolutionary rhetoric, or amused by his political antics. It has firmly rejected a petition by Dr Qadri, which prayed for the dissolution of the ECP because it was not legitimately constituted. The grounds on which the SC has spurned the petition are a lack of locus standi by the petitioner, who happens to be a Dual Pakistani-Canadian national. Indeed, the SC has chosen to chastise Dr Qadri for having the audacity to meddle in Pakistan's constitutional matters while owning loyalty to the British Queen, who is technically the Sovereign of Canada.

This is a radical judgment for two reasons. First, there is nothing in the constitution that bars a by Najam Sethi dual national from petitioning the courts on constitutional matters.

qadri dharna girls

In fact, the constitution recognizes dual nationals as bona fide citizens of Pakistan enjoying full property and voting rights and only bars them from being elected as members of parliament. Therefore, the SC is seemingly setting a new bar on the rights and privileges of dual nationals that is not laid down in the constitution. Second, the SC's aggressive questioning of Dr Qadri's patriotism and political credentials - it went so far as to berate him for trying to destabilise the system - has served to sidestep the legal merits of the case and emphasise politics instead.

The court did not allow him to argue the case with reference to Constitution Article 3 relating to fundamental rights and public interest. Nor did it refer him to Constitution Article whereby a quo warranto writ challenging the appointments of the members of the ECP should be lodged at the level of the High Courts rather than the SC.

This has provoked Dr Qadri to burst out indignantly against the SC in general because his case was not heard despite legal merits, and the Chief Justice in particular for haranguing him about his loyalty to Canada - Dr Qadri accused the CJP of being a Provisional Constitution Order PCO judge for legitimising the coup of General Pervez Musharraf and questioned his loyalty to the constitution. The mutually hostile proceedings in court, including the judgment and follow-on comments by both, Dr Qadri and the CJP, have soured the debate.

The CJP has warned Dr Qadri to hold his tongue and beware contempt of court action, but Dr Qadri has angrily heaped more scorn on the court. Therefore, the matter is not closed. Both men are known to dig their heels in at times such as these. DR Qadri has two legal options and one political choice. On the legal front, he can either file a review appeal before the SC or get a non-dual Pakistani national belonging to his Pakistan Awami Tehreek party, to file a new petition in the SC that doesn't attract the ire of the court on the count of being a dual national.

Or he can go straight to the Lahore or Islamabad High Court in pursuit of justice vide Article where he can make out a strong case against the ECP on technical grounds. On the political side, he can stand up and solicit imprisonment in the hope of becoming a hero for standing up for the rights of millions of dual national Pakistanis abroad whose sweat and blood props up the Pakistan economy by way of billions of dollars in forex remittances as well as for the millions of Pakistanis at home who share his demand to clean up the electoral system and make parliament more functional by blocking the entry of cheats, liars and thieves.

The ironies in all this should not be lost.

PTI Girls enjoying at Parade Ground Islamabad Jalsa

Dr Qadri eulogized the SC when he landed in Pakistan and demanded a stake for it in decision- making about elections and caretakers.It was very exciting campaign against the mad dictator of his time and that too in a new and novel way. There was a mushroom growth of social media blogs and websites all full with the comrades shouting against mad dictator.

In such situations it is really hard to distinguish or guess the primary reasons for anyone who stand against the dictatorship. I usually say that politics involving large number of people is as complex as the quantum physics, it is almost impossible to exactly know what is really going on inside a political movement just like it is almost impossible to know what is going on inside a mechanical system at a quantum level.

However on a higher level in physics terms at a classical levelyou can almost reliably predict the outcome of a political movement as you can predict the outcome of a physical system. During the judicial movement there were all types of political forces active with a common objective. It was irrelevant to identify the true objectives of different sections participating in it. Later on however gradually we came to know the true objectives of all the players in judicial movement including Iftikhar Muhammad Chudhary.

There were two objectives of this movement, one a stated one and another unstated one. The stated objective was to get the Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary restored and later on all the judges that were dismissed via November 3rd, and the unstated was to have a democratic government in place after getting rid of Pervez Musharraf.

Interestingly enough the second objective was achieved earlier than the first objective. Unfortunately however nation paid the ultimate price in terms of death of Benazir Bhutto. After the PPP government in place the objective of the restoration of judiciary had become less attractive for most of the liberal and democratic stalwarts. However it was an unfinished work and Aitzaz Ahsan along with several comrades kept on leading the movement.

It was at that time when the first long march happened under the leadership of Aitzaz Ahsan. But before I talk about this let me go little back in history. While listening to conversation of several high ranking police and other agencies officers on radio I realised that Pakistan military somehow is so afraid of bloody civilians taking over the capital that they will not allow anyone to enter Islamabad ever.

I was told by one very high ranking army officer that COAS himself will ensure that no large hostile crowd ever enters Islamabad even if they have to open a straight fire. But Aitzaz Ahsan with Zardari had different designs, he knew that once this fear is overcome on both sides people and the army that Islamabad is no go area for bloody civilians then we shall achieve another milestone in the democratic struggle in Pakistan.

And lo and behold, bloody civilians entered the red zone and sat in their for whole night and that was the start of a series of long marches and sit-ins in Islamabad. The current sit-ins by both Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri have as much importance in the history of democratic struggle of people of Pakistan as the judicial movement.

I have always said that Pakistan is not a Middle Eastern state, the democratic values and liberal views held by people of Pakistan come from a years of history of a diverse, vibrant culture.

This is the civilisation that has welcomed all kind of religions and ideologies with open hearts. From Islam to Christianity land of Buddha has welcomed every ideology.

Democratic values are part of the nature of people of Pakistan, a 60 years struggle for democracy is the evidence of how people of Pakistan can pay ultimate price for the rule of democracy. It is for that reason no dictator however tyrant he may be had ever been able to rule people of Pakistan for more than a decade. Historian will write the current sit-ins by both Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri as a signifiant milestone in the achievement of a liberal, secular and democratic Pakistan.

Just like the judicial movement, the current sit-ins also have both types of objectives: stated and non-stated.

The Real Reason Why Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Ended the Dharna

But let me talk about the unstated objectives of these sit-ins. Let me put some context to Tahir-ul-Qadri. This is a colourful Islam, a religion as dynamic, natural and elastic as any other religion could be. This is the Islam which is commonly known as Sufi Islam, in which people have simple beliefs most of them very innocent and childish beliefs.

The people of that Islam practice rituals which are also simple in nature as the rituals of any religion containing music, dance and fun. It is the Islam where people are more concerned about their own salvation than the salvation of others. It is a heterogeneous solution consisting of all types sects from Shias to Ahmadis, from Agha Khani to Bralevis and having common religious personalities and rituals.

They are the front line martyrs in the war of terror. They are the people who are saving the world from the onslaught of this maniac knowns as Takfiri Deobandi Islamism. It is this Islam Qadri and his associate which include Shias, Bralevis and other sects of Islam, represent. A lot of people wonder how come Qadri always become so relevant in politics of Pakistan, it is not just his followers who come to show their support for him, all kinds of the people come out for him to show the other face of Islam.PTI supporters say that while the sit-in continued in the federal capital, Imran Khan addressed successful public gatherings in Karachi on September 21, Lahore on September 28, Mianwali on October 2 and in Multan on October But for Dr Qadri, Faisalabad was the first city where he addressed a public gathering after coming to Islamabad to start the sit-in on August Dawn spoke to the supporters and followers of PAT to find out what they thought about the successes and failings of the sit-in, which has been continuing for nearly two months now.

Aneela Rizwan, 32, a supporter of PAT, said the main purpose of the sit-in was to create awareness among the people regarding their rights.

But it happened due to the struggle of the participants of the sit-in. Aneela said it was not an easy task to bring a revolution in two months, adding it needed a continuous struggle which would go on. He said it was unfortunate that the leadership of PAT hired individuals, especially youth, on daily wages from different cities.

This also spoiled the image of the party. Hamza Malik, 34, a resident of Rawalpindi, said it was not easy for the supporters of PAT to reside on roads for almost two months. He said the number of PAT supporters decreased as the sit-in prolonged. Latif Abbasi, 45, a resident of Islamabad, believed that the government policy to allow the participants of PAT and the PTI to continue the sit-ins was right. Facebook Count. Twitter Share.

Participants recall the good, bad and ugly times from 60 days on Constitution Avenue Dawn spoke to the supporters and followers of PAT to find out what they thought about the successes and failings of the sit-in, which has been continuing for nearly two months now. Published in Dawn, October 13th, Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 19 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Oct 13, am. The dharna is ending in the same way it started: with lies by Qadri and by Imran Khan. The reality is that the goal of the government was to topple the elected government first by having a "million man march" which never happened and then by having a military coup which also never happened.

Pakistani democracy has emerged stronger than before as a result of this dharna, while these two individuals Qadri and Imran have been exposed as charlatans who are hungry for power and have no concern either for the nation or for human life of their own followers, let alone for the sufferings of ordinary people. Recommend 0. Horrible exploitation of poor, naive people by their so called leaders. This will come back and bite TUQ. I told you earlier that Brigadier Rain will spoil the show.

Last year it was Gerald Winter. Hassan Nasir. Do not let bias mar your opinion. Haven't we had enough of the indifference shown by the PM and his lot?

Somebody asks Maulana Room Rumi He answered a nation dies when they cannot stand against evil or cannot tell difference between right or wrong. Worst example of befooling people in the history of Pakistan. Another chapter of shame!!

qadri dharna girls

Mohammed A.Tahir ul Qadri, announced an end to his 67 days long Dharna in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Tahir ul Qadri announced carrying on a two day long Dharna in each city of Pakistan. While explaining the motive behind his decision, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri may call off the Dharna in Islamabad any time. Tahir ul Qadri was anticipated to announce it in his public meeting in Lahore, but for some mysterious reasons he deferred his decision. Tahir ul Qadri said that he had envisioned a change of government but his Dharna has altered the mindset of the people of Pakistan.

But, Dr. On the Contrary, Dr. This video explains the real reason why Dr. Tahir ul Qadri ended his Dharna in Islamabad and his underlying motives.

qadri dharna girls

Shahid Masood securitizes each and every event and has come up with a theory. Did Dr. Tahir ul Qadri have a deal with the government or Imran Khan pressurized him to end the Dharna, find out in this video. A few Amidst the COVID lockdown, the education systems all around the world have reverted to conducting all Which brings us Home Pink News Reels.

Recent Posts. April 14, Trending Posts. Novel Coronavirus Awareness Message. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. April 11, To Top.Want to share my soft and humble views to get expert comments from all you scholars. Couple of things seems to have been mixed up here.

The elections were tempered with. One is opposition of the government because it got established using illegal, unconstitutional, unjust, fraudulent means and second is opposition of the government because of being pro-Imran or pro-Qadri.

We must not mix up. First is truly justified and second is the continuation of the politics that we have always been in. Most of the people, even todays most supporters, know about this all but they are ready to forget because they need justice, law, constitution, and rule honestly not dishonestly. If we do not abandon living in the unnecessary past then lots of historical debate, like Jamaat-e-Islami provided illegal and unconstitutional support to Musharraf when he was Chief Executive and when he was made President in uniform and they ultimately deserve to be charged under Article 6 of Treason Charges along with Musharraf etc, may occur.

Eventually no benefit for anyone. My reading is that Shia group is taping his shoulder which itself is not strong enough to gather political support on religious basis. They have already sidelined Deobandi and Wahabi sects.

Qadri announces dharna on The Mall on 16th

As for Imran he had left all his bad habits 20 years back. Are 20 years not justified enough to restrict our criticism to his politics only instead of his personality? Moreover, his support to Fatima Jinnah was strongly criticized by the even greater a scholar, mufassir, muhaddith, faqih named Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi Allah bless him.

So it is yet to be decided undisputedly if his that decision was right or wrong. Peace and blessings of GOD be upon you.

Mansoor Tirmizi. Qur'an - The last message from GOD. From: mail. Dear brothers. You are looking at the fraudulent nature of a person. Should we oppose a Rightful cause simply because it is sponsored by a fraudulent person?

Should we start opposing such a Truth or just remain dumb and mum and see the drama as a silent spectator? Hussain Khan, M. PART-1 From:. If any one has a choice to drink water from one of two buckets,one containing one drop of urine while the has one fourth. Nawaz sharif government is a lesser evil.

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